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Issue 88 Winter 2019/20

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  • Steve Wright MBE - LPHCA Chairman - Winter 2019/20 Editorial
  • Clean Air Confusion Loomed in London – Alan Wright looks back at the hot topic discussed at the 2019 LPHCA Road Show
  • 2019 LPHCA Road Show Presenters and Panellists
  • Zero Emission Capability (ZEC) Plan A or Plan B? Steve Wright MBE sets out the need for transition on emission requirements
  • PHVs are clearly Public Transport – award-winning journalist David Williams gives the facts and stats on PHVs
  • LIMO’d no more! – highlighting the need for consultations to be clear, concise and follow good principles
  • Travis Morley: Your Licensing Law Brief Winter 2019/20 – your latest legal news and updates
  • 2020 LPHCA National Forum – registration open for free LPHCA event held in Manchester on 16th April 2020
  • Winter 2019/20 Recruitment Supplement – the latest jobs in the private hire & taxi industries
  • The Chauffeur Column - Winter 2019/20 – social media advice for chauffeur drivers & chauffeur businesses
  • 2019 LPHCA Road Show montage – a big thank you to all our exhibitors and our event sponsors Cab Treasure
  • North West Air Quality Issues – Nick Rose outlines his frank thoughts on issues surrounding Air Quality proposals
  • LPHCA at Greenfleet – New columnist John Curtis informs about Greenfleet events and the need to be ‘clean and green’
  • The Manchester Corner – Nick Rose tackles the Minimum Standards topic and highlights problems across the country
  • What We Do – the LPHCA showcases where we have been and what we are doing across the UK
  • The Winter 2019/20 Private Hire News Poll – Do you think PHVs should have lots of signage and branding on their vehicles? Poll question answered and new poll question – Do you think PHVs should have access to bus lanes?
  • Scottish Taxi & Private Hire (STPH) awards – Alan Wright outlines the upcoming 2020 Scottish awards returning once again!
  • FREE 2020 Industry Wall Planners – free calendar for the new year to those that want to grab some!
  • News! News! News! National and international stories from the trade brought to you by John Sanderson
  • Buckinghamshire County Council Contracts:  You won’t believe this! incredible discovery of a long list of contract work fines
  • Car of the Year 2019 – Alan Wright re-lives his experience at the ‘Car of the Year 2019’ event hosted by Professional Driver


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