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Issue 81 Spring 2018

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  • Steve Wright MBE - LPHCA Chairman - Spring 2018 Editorial
  • The latest update regarding the LPHCA Challenging TfL TPH’s Operator fees in the High Court
  • What happened in the High Court? David Matthias QC explains – Alongside how the industry reacted on social media
  • LPHCA Fighting Fund update and appeal – Alongside a ‘thank you’ to the contributors
  • Details of the LPHCA emergency meeting for Operators, Industry Suppliers & LPHCA Members on Wednesday 21st March in Heathrow
  • The hydrogen vs electric race - Award winning journalist David Williams takes a serious look at the merits of Hydrogen Powered Cars and is pretty impressed
  • Transport for London Taxi and Private Hire Policy statement: Private hire services in London
  • Spring 2018 Recruitment Supplement – Latest Job Vacancies within the industry
  • LPHCA Member GLH becomes Operator of London’s largest electric fleet
  • The Way Forward - Terry McCarthy discusses why good customer service is so important in the modern age
  • English Language Test Update – What next after Uber decided to drop their High Court appeal against the current English language tests in London
  • Industry Under Attack! We need sensible regulations and sound legislation that are fit for the future
  • The Future is Bright – Details of the 2018 PHTM Exhibition in Milton Keynes on 9th and 10th May
  • The Future of Private Hire – A look at industry rules of regulations being and what might be coming our way in the future
  • Safety Concerns - A report launched in February by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust reveals that taxi and private hire vehicle licences are being granted to drivers with criminal convictions, that include violent offences, due to inadequate regulations
  • Spring 2018 Your Licensing Law Brief! – Covering subjects relevant to PHV Operators and Drivers
  • Politics, Politics – William Warr Looks at how technology, such as Digital Kerb and Smart Motorways, could help the Private Hire Industry continue to reduce congestion compared to other methods, such as Congestion Charges?
  • Taxi Dress Code - Plymouth City Council is looking to ban Hackney Carriage and Private Hire drivers from wearing casual clothes to ‘enhance the professionalism’ of the trade
  • Congestion Charging for PHVs - Award winning journalist David Williams researches who has said what regarding what we believe is a misguided campaign to congestion charge a vital form of public transport – Private Hire Vehicles.
  • Transformation of Oxford Street – Details of the LPHCA’s Consultation Response
  • Private Hire News Poll – The industry give their views on the mandatory CCTV Poll Question and our New Poll Question about ‘Advanced Driving’ Tests
  • The Chauffeur Column - Paul Gibson of explores the importance of Advanced Driver Training

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